Case Study: Kanakuk Kamps

Enthusiasm wins with aligned organic and paid social media plus social media.

By: Ashlyn Belding


A data-driven and goal-centric approach helps us identify our audience on different channels, their needs and the best way to lead them to our desired result. We have learned and used reporting to optimize how to best engage moms on Facebook or kampers on Instagram, which video and caption hits a home run and the right balance of inspirational and fun captions.


Testing calls to action, spend, creative and audiences has allowed us to effectively decrease conversion rates, increase the performance of campaigns, and learn ideal timing to drive registrations for Kamp, engagement on posts and grow our audiences across all channels.


Proactive, positive stories with news hooks and relevance to targeted publications has been a successful approach to generate earned coverage of Kanakuk Kamps in parenting, regional and local media, increasing awareness and driving more registrations.