Meet Callie

Meet Callie

With an artful eye, Callie converts digital audiences from bystanders to advocates through compelling copy, beautiful content and thoughtful strategy. Experience developing social content for brands in a variety of industries — from local consumer brands to major nonprofits and a Fortune 500 company — honed her skills developing social media strategy that drives results. When she isn’t editing content, you can find her shopping for vintage home goods, going for a run or eating all the wontons they’ll serve her at her favorite Athens restaurant, Donna Chang’s.

Walk-Up Song: Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard by Paul Simon or This is America by Childish Gambino 

I totally nerd out over: Art History 

If I were a social media platform, I’d be: Pinterest — a million ideas and a list a mile long of things to learn and do.

I’m binge-watching: 30 Rock (for around the fifth time) while I wait for the next season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Best advice I’ve ever received: You can learn anything you set your mind to if you’re curious and driven enough. My dad has never said those exact words, but he lives it every day and it’s taught me to do the same. He’s not afraid to ask questions and dive right into something he’s never done before. Odds are, you can Google it, watch how to on YouTube or find someone to teach you; you just have to be humble enough to ask and willing to put in the work.

Why SSG? We get to work with the best people in the world every single day—both our team and our clients. I’m constantly blown away by the way our team supports, encourages and challenges each other.