Meet Carly Levine

Meet Carly Levine

Carly graduated from the University of Missouri (M-I-Z) with a degree in Mass Media Communication. A Midwestern native with a passion for all things social media, she brings her creativity, writing skills, and strategic savviness to the SSG team. Her desire to capture and convey stories allows her to enhance her clients’ social performance. On any given weekend, you can find Carly engrossed in the latest mystery novel or exploring all Nashville has to offer!

When I was a kid, I swore I’d grow up to be… A historian

What’s your enneagram number? Type 6: The Loyalist

I’m an expert at/in… Spotting a spelling mistake a mile away and delivering witty one-liners.

If I won the lottery tomorrow… I’d travel the world and give back to others.

Why SSG? I get to tell stories that matter with people who support me each step along the way!