Meet Devon

Meet Devon

Devon came to See.Spark.Go after 11 years in campus ministry, where she managed the creative division of a college internship program. Devon loves to draw beauty out of chaos. Most often this looks like developing structures and systems to drive efficiency, or managing teams of young creatives, but on the weekends it often turns into organizing messy spaces. Devon believes that creating order paves the way for peace, and it’s her favorite way to serve people. Devon’s role at See.Spark.Go is to keep the office vibes high and to keep the Thoms’ stress levels low. On the weekends you can find her playing in the backyard with her husband and their 2 kids (Wells & Mason), … and if it’s a very good weekend, they’ll all be covered in dirt from gardening.  

What’s your enneagram number? 1 – The Perfectionist

I’m an expert at/in… Organizing messy spaces

Best advice I’ve ever received… A good leader isn’t known by the lack of bad things that happen under their watch but rather by how they respond when those things inevitably happen. 

On any given weekend, you’ll find me… Dreaming up some DIY house project and driving to Lowe’s to try to make it happen.

If I won the lottery tomorrow… I’d buy a dreamy white farmhouse on a big plot of land with a huge garden and a pond. And then  I would convince my friends and family to build their houses next to mine. 

Why SSG? The people, the culture, the vision, the impact.