Meet Ellie Holt

Meet Ellie Holt

Ellie began her journey at See.Spark.Go as an intern during her senior year at the University of Georgia. She’s grown within the organization, and is now leading clients with her public relations expertise from Nashville. Her care for her clients and dedication to partnering with brands to learn their vision combined with her passion for media relations allows Ellie to craft stories that impact people where they are. When she’s not on the phone with reporters, Ellie can be found enjoying live music around Nashville or hosting movie nights or dinner parties for friends.

Enneagram Number: The Reformer— Type 1

What is something you totally nerd-out over? A freshly cleaned out and color-coded closet. What can I say? I’m a one.

When I was a kid, I swore I’d grow up to be… A Disney princess, preferably Ariel

What I’m binge-watching: Friends…for the tenth time

Favorite word in the english language: Ebullient

Why SSG? 1. SSG attracts the best clients with the best stories. 2. SSG strives to create an incredible environment for collaboration, creativity, learning and even friendship.