Meet Hannah

Meet Hannah

With a bachelors in visual studies, and a masters in Marketing and Digital Advertising, Hanna continually is finding ways to be both analytical and creative in personal and work-related endeavors. After enduring 2020 graduation, she spent the next few years in an agency fixated on paid media strategy creation, PPC, and constant A/B testing.

Hanna is now bringing her desire to tell clients stories through digital campaigns to SSG, with the determination to learn and grow her resources and abilities in the digital space. After 5, hanna can be found taking an evening walk with her husband and cavapoo, Coco or taking photos and chasing golden hour with families and couples capturing life’s sweetest moments. 

What’s your enneagram number? 4w5

What is something you totally nerd-out over? Broadway

Walk Up Song: Joy – The Choir Room Version

I’m an expert at/in… Cross-referencing actor’s other roles, while watching them in something else

If I won the lottery tomorrow… I’d move to a small house up north, and open a coffee shop

Why SSG? I’m ready to grow and learn!