Meet Marina Carlisle

Meet Marina Carlisle

Marina Carlisle began her career as an intern at See.Spark.Go in 2014. After her internship, she left to work with Mutual of Omaha’s Aha Moment Tour, a 3-month, 20-city, nationwide tour where she served as the Assistant Content Producer and Media Representative for all print, radio and television interviews. She rejoined the SSG team and over the last 5 years has developed a unique understanding of owned, earned and paid media strategies with the goal of offering each client a tailored mix specific to their needs. Outside the office, you can find her dancing, sailing, reading a good book or enjoying a bike ride around her Southern California home.

Enneagram Number: 7 – The Enthusiast

I’m an expert at: beach walks and bike rides

Best advice I’ve ever received: Be gentle and compassionate with people. Everyone you know is fighting their own battle. 

I totally nerd out over: Dance (any and all styles!) + Psychology (let’s chat about brains and why people do the things that they do) 

Favorite word in the english language: Puppy Dog – You can’t say it without smiling! 

Why SSG? The best people in the world – truly my coworkers are some of the greatest humans. The most encouraging culture. Bosses and leaders I respect. Endless opportunities to grow. Clients that are genuinely doing amazing things. The list goes on and on and on!