Meet Kaci Pollack

Meet Kaci Pollack

Kaci has been a part of team SSG since 2018, when she graduated from the SSG intern program and the University of Georgia’s Grady College with a degree in public relations and a minor in spanish. Her niche is traditional public relations, which allows her to champion the best clients in the world by sharing their stories with the media. In her role, Kaci also supports Team Thoms, works on internal SSG initiatives and leads the intern and apprentice programs at SSG. She is a big believer in the idea that enthusiasm always, always wins, and she can often be found laughing loudly with a coffee or Diet Coke in hand.  

Enneagram Number: I’m the very textbook definition of a 2 – The Helper.

Favorite Word in the English Language: Celebrate!

If I won the lottery tomorrow: I’d buy front row tickets to the next Jonas Brothers concert, then jump on a plane with my people to travel the world. I’d come back home and buy a beach house, which I would never leave. Oh, and I’d pay off my student loans. 

I’m an expert at: Being a professional hype girl for my people.

On any given weekend, you’ll find me: Laughing really loudly, drinking coffee, cheering on the Dawgs, going to the movies and spending time with my people

What I’m binge-watching: KUWTK to see Kanye’s ever evolving transformation 🙂 

Why SSG? Because this is a place where people matter, stories are celebrated, enthusiasm and joy are contagious and Jesus is present. There’s no place I’d rather be, and no people I’d rather work alongside.