A Note from our Cofounder + President

By: Brittany Thoms

Dear friends and clients,

Though the world has seemingly hit pause, we believe now is the time to plan for opportunity and a new season just ahead.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed the resilience of fans and loyal customers, partners and creators who are eager to promote the brands they love, ingenuity and dedication of brands to SERVE their customers well during this time. As we press forward, here are a few things we want you to know about your team at SSG:

First, you have a highly creative and innovative roster of marketers in your corner. We’ve all reflected on the true value your brand provides its audience, and now more than ever, we’ve honed in on meaningful interactions that show empathy and care, thoughtfulness and sustainability. Book a time to speak with Jenn Garrett, our Vice President of Content, or Josh Deyton, our Vice President of Digital Strategy,today.

Our team is enthusiastic and positive. We certainly don’t take for granted our core value that “Enthusiasm Wins” in the marketplace. Our positive and energetic posture infuses your communications with the very essence of hope. That matters, to you and to us. Interested in hosting a 1-hour SPARK Session with our team? Call us. We’re offering that to current and potential clients right now at no cost.

You receive an incredible value. In this season, we’re committed to keeping our team in tact. We’re looking ahead and preparing for 6-months from now. That commitment means that even as hard times roll in economically, we have the time to invest in YOU. That’s more bang for your buck. We want to hear what questions you have during this season! Email us today.

Our goal has always been to be your trusted advisor. Even as we navigate the realities on a business front for See.Spark.Go, we stand on providing results and leaning into relationships. Because without relationships, our work is transactional. Without results, though? We’re just friends. And, we aim to do both well!

Here for the possibilities,


P.S. Even our incredible accounting team is available to you as a resource during this season. Need some accounting advice? Drop us a line.