Raise a Hand 👋 How to Win at Working from Home

Tips For Working From Home From The SSG Team

By: Meaghan Shaw

With team members spread across the United States, SSG has become accustomed to remote work and Zooming on the regular. Now that we’re well into another year of telework, we face the long term effects of a virtual office. So how does our team effectively stay engaged from afar? Here are three key ways the SSG crew remains connected:

Over-communicate, always. Working remotely increases the necessity for clear communication. We’re fortunate to have the ability to tell the greatest stories in the world from anywhere in the world; for years, the SSG family has been HQ’d across the U.S., putting long-distance collaboration at the forefront of our minds. The SSG secret to staying in the loop (and on the same page)? A bevy of our time-tested tools: Slack, Asana and Zoom are staples in our remote-work tool belt. However, don’t forget your everyday apps—Facetimes, calls and texts ensure that we stay connected and engaged no matter where we physically are.

Remain together, while apart. With clients and coworkers scattered across the world, our proclivity for building strong virtual communities has long been a point of pride. This year especially, we’ve sought out opportunities to reestablish what and where “the office” is for all of us: from moving holiday celebrations to take place via video chat to creating virtual intern- and mentorship programs, we’ve truly given new meaning to the phrase, “wherever you go, there you are.” There’s no doubt that we’re stronger together (no matter how far apart that “together” might be).

Fan the flames and stay Fired Up. In the age of working remotely, we’re reminded of the importance of our core value “enthusiasm wins.” So what does that look like in 2021? For starters, it’s not just bringing a good attitude to the day; it means maintaining enthusiasm for our clients, knowing their mission and supporting each other through it all. The SSG support system is an animated network, ready to reach out however possible with an encouraging note, praise or wisdom – whatever is needed to lift up our work and one another!