Case Study: WORLD Watch


WORLD Watch is a current events program produced by Christian journalists that keeps teens up to date on what’s happening in the world through highly engaging and biblically sound 10-minute videos. The subscription-based program helps young people understand today’s news through headlines, news briefs, and feature stories, and develops a child’s critical thinking skills and discernment. WORLD Watch provides parents and teachers a safe, reliable video alternative and a positive way for their teens to spend screen time.


See.Spark.Go manages WORLD Watch’s organic social media and paid digital advertising to bring awareness to this new program that launched in August 2020. Through influencer outreach, strategic digital goals, and consistent community engagement on WORLD Watch social channels, our team has elevated their brand awareness.


Since hiring See.Spark.Go in 2020, WORLD Watch’s online presence has continued to expand and grow year after year leading to 14.6 M impressions and 7,000 new WORLD Watch subscribers with a $30 advertising cost per new subscriber in 2021.


“SSG team members are highly skilled, personable, and passionate about what they do. Thanks to them, we can move forward with confidence because we have the support and expertise that we need.” 

– Claire Hopple, WORLD Content Strategist.