Case Study: Airstream











“Overall, our experience has been excellent. The See.Spark.Go team has positioned Airstream as social media leaders, consistently growing and engaging our audience. We are a dynamic organization and so is SSG. They have helped us find the balance of honoring our history while simultaneously celebrating our desire to move the industry forward.” 
– Carey L. Walley, Airstream Director of Marketing






Airstream, manufacturer of the iconic “silver bullet” Airstream travel trailer, is the longest-tenured recreational vehicle manufacturer in the world. Since 2012, See.Spark.Go has worked alongside Airstream to foster its online community and promote the brand’s #LiveRiveted lifestyle to current and potential Airstream owners. With creativity and enthusiasm, See.Spark.Go has led the charge to foster a robust online community of more than 600,000 social media followers across eight social media channels. The two specific goals for SSG’s partnership with Airstream are: to increase online growth by expanding our community of Airstreamers + Airdreamers and to foster community engagement so our online audience will become even more invested in the brand.


See.Spark.Go creates, curates and manages content for Airstream’s full family of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Additionally, our team manages brand partnerships, new product launches, influencer collaborations, event activations and Airstream’s #EndlessCaravan program, which sends travelers on cross-country road trips to tell the story of a certain mission or cause. Our team of social media strategists engage on the platforms daily, answering customer service questions and stirring the community toward specific events, promotions or products. Each week we track and report what’s working and what can be adjusted, making our content calendar an ever-evolving document based on the community’s real time responses.

Hugh Acheson Endless Caravan Airstream


In the seven years we have supported Airstream, its online presence has grown exponentially, spanning more than half a million total followers across eight social media channels. In 2018, the Instagram community grew 80% and engagement per post on Facebook increased by 146%. Throughout the years, our team has created and executed creative social media strategies to ensure the online success of multiple new product launches, including Airstream’s first ever “smart” trailer, an innovative fiberglass trailer, a co-branded

Class-B touring coach and Airstream Connected, Airstream’s Wi-Fi connectivity option in partnership with AT&T. We’ve also assisted in facilitating partnerships with celebrity chef Hugh Acheson, British race car driver Justin Bell, American Girl, Spartan Race, Adobe MAX, LifeStraw, the National Forest Foundation and many more.

Case Study: Your Pie

2019 PR Results


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Since summer 2017, See.Spark.Go has supported national and local PR for Your Pie, a 70-location pizza franchise, founded in 2008 in Athens, Georgia.


See.Spark.Go’s experience includes managing all of Your Pie’s national and local press outreach—including brand milestones, store openings, menu innovation, executive profiles, thought leadership and franchise development—plus its FranDev email marketing and paid social strategies, and LinkedIn profiles for three of its top executives.


Since aligning with See.Spark.Go, Your Pie has opened more than 30 franchise locations and received coverage in national outlets including Forbes, USA Today, Thrillist, Franchise Times, Franchising Today, Franchising USA and more.

Case Study: uBreakiFix

2018 PR Results








For nearly four years, the See.Spark.Go account team has integrated itself into uBreakiFix, an electronics repair franchise with 500+ locations across North America and partnerships with industry giants like Google and Samsung.


See.Spark.Go manages all of uBreakiFix’s national and local press outreach, including brand milestones, partnership announcements, executive profiles, thought-leadership and franchise development, plus its FranDev email marketing strategy.


Since hiring See.Spark.Go in the fall of 2015, uBreakiFix has opened more than 400 stores and received coverage in national outlets including Forbes, Inc., CNBC, Digital Trends, TechCrunch, The Verge, Mashable, Consumer Reports and more.

A Note from our Cofounder + President

Dear friends and clients,

Though the world has seemingly hit pause, we believe now is the time to plan for opportunity and a new season just ahead.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed the resilience of fans and loyal customers, partners and creators who are eager to promote the brands they love, ingenuity and dedication of brands to SERVE their customers well during this time. As we press forward, here are a few things we want you to know about your team at SSG:

First, you have a highly creative and innovative roster of marketers in your corner. We’ve all reflected on the true value your brand provides its audience, and now more than ever, we’ve honed in on meaningful interactions that show empathy and care, thoughtfulness and sustainability. Book a time to speak with Jenn Garrett, our Vice President of Content, or Josh Deyton, our Vice President of Digital Strategy,today.

Our team is enthusiastic and positive. We certainly don’t take for granted our core value that “Enthusiasm Wins” in the marketplace. Our positive and energetic posture infuses your communications with the very essence of hope. That matters, to you and to us. Interested in hosting a 1-hour SPARK Session with our team? Call us. We’re offering that to current and potential clients right now at no cost.

You receive an incredible value. In this season, we’re committed to keeping our team in tact. We’re looking ahead and preparing for 6-months from now. That commitment means that even as hard times roll in economically, we have the time to invest in YOU. That’s more bang for your buck. We want to hear what questions you have during this season! Email us today.

Our goal has always been to be your trusted advisor. Even as we navigate the realities on a business front for See.Spark.Go, we stand on providing results and leaning into relationships. Because without relationships, our work is transactional. Without results, though? We’re just friends. And, we aim to do both well!

Here for the possibilities,


P.S. Even our incredible accounting team is available to you as a resource during this season. Need some accounting advice? Drop us a line.

Crafting the Perfect Media Mix

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram Stories—wait, Facebook has Stories now, too? And what are Twitter Moments? Throw in a LinkedIn and Glassdoor strategy, Yelp monitoring and a pineapple and cherry on top, and you have the opposite of a cocktail meant to help you let go of a week’s worth of stress.

Creating the perfect social media mix — not to mention crafting the content to go to each channel — is overwhelming for the best of digital marketers. Working with dozens of brands of varying size, scope and type, we preach sustainability and consistency, but when establishing a brand, it’s also important to have multiple touch points to engage your audience. Many entrepreneurs think the easiest solution is to prioritize one social network where they know their audience is (can I hear an amen from our Instagram-only friends?). This approach can not only miss potential audiences but it can keep you from sharing your whole story and engaging with your audience in ways that best achieve your goals with little additional effort.

The perfect social media mix tells the right story to the right audience at the right time. Think of it like having that beer at the baseball game or the bottle of champagne on your anniversary! Timing and environment are everything.

Here’s how to create a holistic social media strategy in the most efficient and effective way possible.


What value do you add to people? Why do you exist? What do you want people to do? Often we think that engagement and awareness are all these bad boys of social media can do, but it is possible to use them to increase the number of products you sell by 50 percent, get 5,000 people to subscribe to your newsletter or have 500 people register for your workshop.


A social media strategy encompasses the channels you’re going to leverage your story through, how often and in what way. You can determine the best channels to use by discovering where your audience engages (not just has accounts), which channel’s format helps you achieve your goals, and where your content works best. The cadence question is best answered by testing, evaluating, and optimizing. We love tag reports in Sprout Social that allow you to compare and contrast posts by theme or timing. Other reports allow us to compare engagement per day to how many posts were sent. For both, it’s essential to be intentional with A/B testing that compares multiple weeks and not just a day here and there.


Once you determine where you’re going to post and how often, the secret sauce is what you post. We love the 80/20 rule (80 percent of engagement will come from 20 percent of your effort). In other words, do more with less. Creating a communications calendar will help you leverage that 20 percent of effort (quality content!) as far as it can go.

1. Identify your themes. Pick the TOP 3 core messages or big ideas and TOP 3 calls to action to expound on throughout the year. Align them across the year at the top of a spreadsheet.

2. Develop a content pyramid. Put all of your communication channels down the side, starting with foundational content pieces (i.e., blogs) down to the channel with the shortest content (i.e., social media).

3. Leverage foundational content. Themes help you plan blogs, which you can then trickle down to a blurb in an email, make the headline a tweet, an image with a caption on Instagram, and a quote and link on Facebook to drive people back to the full post.

4. Drill down deeper. A social media calendar will expand your row for social into a full, day-by-day content calendar. In the same way, one content piece can be leveraged across different channels, but more posts per day or week means more categories. Here’s an example of categories that create a balance of content across your channel:

  1. Spotlight people inside, around, and affected by your organization
  2. Inform or educate about your industry, pain points, etc., to connect to why you or your product exists
  3. Entertain your audience with inspirational, funny, or engaging tidbits
  4. Curate content by thought leaders that aligns with your mission or vision
  5. Promote your initiatives with clear calls to action

Once you’ve defined your why, how, and what, you will be able to fill in the blanks with the right content to reach the right audience at the right time. Before you know it, that stressful social media cocktail will drive the results you need to be sipping a more delightful Mai Tai on Friday night.

Download Rising Tide Society’s Social Media Guide E-book here for more resources from a variety of social media experts.