Thinking Like a ‘Zee

One thriving niche of See.Spark.Go’s service offerings is our work in franchise marketing. Partnering with Fortune 500 clients is often accompanied by the excitement of nationwide reach and the welcome challenge of keeping up with the best of the best in multiple industries. So what exactly goes into franchise marketing?

In order to speak to an audience who’s interested in expanding their portfolio to include franchise ownership, you must think like a franchisee.

They’ve got options.

Around 10% of U.S. businesses are franchises.* So it’s safe to assume your audience is already considering other options. That means they need to know a brand’s unique selling point. The sooner that differentiation can be highlighted, the sooner a brand sets itself apart from the sizable pack of competition.

It’s a long game.

Franchise owners are about to make a substantial investment of their money and time. They can’t be expected to make a six-figure investment right after learning about it. Our content team nurtures franchise prospects through social media, digital and email campaigns to establish trust, credibility and consistency. However a potential ‘zee does their research, they’ll find valuable content to help them fall in love with our clients’ brands.

Capital is a must.

Every ideal franchisee has one thing in common: they have cash to make a splash. This isn’t your coupon-clipping demographic. Franchising is a high-investment table. We focus our messaging on aspects like ROI, industry growth and how well each business sustains external challenges, like a recession. At the end of the day, potential franchisees seek confidence in the benefits and profitability of their investment. 

So how do we find and attract zees?

More like, “What tools are we NOT using to find and attract them?” Our franchise marketing efforts run the gamut form press releases and print ads, to social media, email, trade shows, digital ads and text messages. The SSG digital team uses a well-crafted cocktail of digital ad types that start with the highest-impression, low-conversion ads, funneling down to highly-targeted, high-conversion ads that truly drive lead conversions. With all of our service areas combined, SSG drives franchise prospects into the funnel and converts them into proud franchise owners.

And that’s how we take leads from A to ‘zee.

*U.S. Census Bureau