Instagram Stories, the Remix

Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest seem to ask: Why reinvent the wheel? In the hamster wheel of wanting to be the one-stop-shop for their users, social media platforms don’t seem to hesitate in adapting and adjusting (read: copying) what’s working well in their competitors’ apps and adding it to their own. Instagram shamelessly added Stories to claim their share of the Snapchat disappearing content world, and they don’t seem to stop there. Pinterest joined the copycat fray recently, and we all know Facebook is king for throwing a new, familiar tool into its box.

Here are some recent examples:

ūüé•Instagram launched the all-new¬†Reels¬†in August, designed to compete with TikTok’s fun, short-form video. Because the videos appear to¬†followers in a new dedicated Feed and on the Explore page, it’s a prime opportunity to engage current fans and¬†reach new audiences.¬†

Check out how we’re using Reels for Your Pie Pizza.

ūüďĪLinkedIn is¬†testing a Stories feature¬†similar to Instagram and Facebook in Brazil, giving marketers the¬†opportunity to reach B2B audiences with a form of content previously reserved for consumer audiences.¬†

ūüďćPinterest is also testing a Stories feature, but unlike other versions of Stories, these don’t disappear after 24 hours or have the option to swipe up to a link outside the platform. We’ve been able to test on a select number of accounts (see above!), and are excited for the day it ‚ÄĒ hopefully ‚ÄĒ rolls out widespread.¬†


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